FASHION IN STYLE Velnio Malunas "Ray"


2x Best Puppy
3x BIR Puppy
2x Best Male Puppy
Junior Winner
4x CK
20x CAC
2x Res.CAC
3x Res. CACIB
3x Best Male
2x Best of Opposite Sex

National Winner 2017
1'st place in category an adult male in ranking 2017
National Winner 2018
Champion of Montenegro
Czech Republic Champion
Slovakian Champion
Balkan Champion
Serbia Champion
Started Polish Champion title
Started Austria Champion title
Started Croatian Champion title
Working Dog

 Ray is available as a stud to approved females


Date of birth: 27.05.2015
High: 57,5
Hips: HD/A - excellent
Elbows - excellent (0)
Eyes: Clear (2016/2017/2018)
Gonodysgenesis Clear


Bred by: Ingrida Bieliauskaite
(Velnio Malunas kennel)

Owner : Izabela Krieger
(Legend of the Spirit kennel)
co-owner: Bary Grdinova
(BG's Phantasia kennel)








Ray is like my dream come true, a big dream about great , orginal and unique boy , it's a son of two beautiful dogs , his mom it's fantastic girl Limited Edition Velnio Malunas, she is black & white named Panda, to which is very much alike. His mom came from unigue combination - her father is my beloved boy Tiesto (Jo-Kar's Black Magic Mountain) and mum is fantastic girl with extremely great bloodline Lancelot's Mamma Mia.
Ray's father is Utopialand Truth N Power - Apollo, it's a boy very important in our bloodline in kennel, he is fantastic sled dog and show dog , very strong, brave and with great temperament.

Ray is the first boy in our kennel with a such "dirty" face, he is strong, beautiful, brave and full of energy, it is a boy who is in love with people and other animals. He is everywhere, curious of everything, full of live like his mom Panda. His pedigree is based on bloodlines of Kristari, Innisfree and also fantastic sled dogs lines Sno-Magic. In his pedigree is very well known dogs on whole wild world.

Ray's grand grandfather is perhaps the most famous and very well known all over the World male TOP #1 USA BIS BISS AM CAN CH Coventry's Peace Negotiator. Another Great Grandfather, from daddy's side is AM CH Sno-Magic's Smokin' Gun SD, he has directly lines to original imports from Siberia. His the best bloodline create also Kristari's & Innisfree - M CH Kristari's Rudolph Valentino, MBIS MBISS AM CAN CH Kristari's Firechief O'Tahluu CGC, Multi BISS AOM AM CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy, AM CH Kristari's Roses are Red.
We are sure that Ray will make us proud in the future.

Ray lived with Lotte Jeseprsen in Denamrak, he was there for a year but Lotte decide she can't have him more because of her health condition, that's way he stay with us for a while.   We found him home at our friend in Czech Republic - Bary Grdinova, she is his co-owner.
 He started show carier in Denmark with Lotte, wins many BOB & BIR Baby and Puppy, then in Poland after few shows he got his first points to Champion of Poland tittle and he got Certificate of Working Dog. After he join to Bary family, start carrier there in Czech, he started tittles of Czech Champion, Slovakia Champion and Ostrich Champion.

We want to thank you Ingrida and her all family for make it possible, for advices and friendship.


Ray to spełnienie marzeń o oryginalnym, niespotykanym umaszczeniu psa,
to syn dwóch pięknych przedstawicieli rasy: jego mama to przepiękna sunia Limited Edition Velnio Malunas ,
to czarno biała niezaprzeczalnie cudowna sunia.  Mamusia pochodzi z wyjątkowego skojarzenia - ojcem jest
 nasz ukochany Tiesto ( Jo-Kar's Black Magic Mountain) a mamą fantastyczna sunia ze znakomitą linią rodowodową
 Lancelot's Mamma Mia.
Tatusiem Ray'a jest Utopialand Truth N Power - Apollo , to pies po którym nasza linia hodowlana dominuje, jest fantastycznym psem zaprzęgowym i wystawowym, odważny, silny i z charakterem.

To pierwszy piesek o takim umaszczeniu w naszej hodowli, silny ,
 piękny, odważny i pełen energii, to piesek który jest zakochany w towarzystwie ludzi i innych zwierząt.
 Jest go wszędzie pełno, pełen życia podobnie jak mamusia Panda . Jego rodowód jest oparty na linii Kristari,
 Innisfree i fantastycznej linii zaprzęgowej. W jego rodowodzie jest wiele znakomitości i sław znanych na całym świecie.


Ray'a pra pradziadkiem jest zapewne jednym z najsławniejszych psów - TOP #1 USA BIS BISS AM CAN
CH Coventry's Peace Negotiator a także ma  wspaniałe geny psów z linii Kristari's i Innisfree - M CH Kristari's
Rudolph Valentino, MBIS MBISS AM CAN CH Kristari's Firechief O'Tahluu CGC, Multi BISS AOM AM CH Innisfree's Chips
Ahoy, AM CH Kristari's Roses are Red.


Chcemy z całego serca podziękować Ingridzie i jej rodzinie
za możliwość posiadania tak cudownego psa w hodowli, za rady i waszą przyjaźń.